10 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2022

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Travel insurance is an insurance product for covering unforeseen losses incurred while traveling, either internationally or domestically. Basic policies generally only cover emergency medical expenses while overseas, while comprehensive policies typically include coverage for trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight delays, public liability, and other expenses. 

Travel insurance comes in handy when your dream vacation takes an unexpecte turn and you’re stuck with thousands of dollars in expenses that insurance won’t cover. But which companies have the best travel insurance? We asked travel insurance experts to share their recommendations so that you can find one that fits your needs without breaking the bank. Here are our top 10 picks for the best travel insurance companies of 2022.

Choosing the right travel insurance provider can save you time, and money. And headaches in the long run, but choosing the wrong one can do exactly the opposite. A good travel insurance company provides you with the proper coverage at an affordable price so that if something goes wrong with your trip. You aren’t stuck paying out of pocket to cover expenses like unexpecte medical bills or lost baggage fees. With so many travel insurance companies available in today’s world. However, it can be hard to find one that fits all of your needs without breaking your budget or raising your premiums every month.

With travel insurance becoming increasingly popular, it can be difficult to determine which companies offer the best coverage and service at an affordable price. This list of the top 10 travel insurance companies will help you find what you’re looking for and ensure that your vacation stays worry-free.

What is Travel Insurance?

Getting travel insurance is always a smart idea—but it’s especially crucial when traveling overseas. Accidents can (and do) happen, and before you hop on that international flight, be sure to explore your options. You may be able to buy insurance through your travel provider or via a third-party policy; some credit cards also offer primary coverage.

Depending on where you are traveling, there are a few factors to consider when choosing a policy: Trip length and cost, amount of medical coverage you’ll need, and whether it will cover pre-existing conditions are just a few things to ask yourself before choosing a plan that’s right for you.

Travel insurance is risk-based and takes into account a range of factors to determine whether a traveler can purchase a policy and what the premium will be. This generally includes destination countries or regions, the duration of the trip, the age of the travelers, and any optional benefits that they require coverage for such as pre-existing medical conditions, adventure sports, rental vehicle excess, cruising, or high-value electronics.

Some policies will also take into account the traveler's estimated value of their trip to determine the price. A policy may be a single trip, covering the exact duration of the upcoming trip, or a "multi-trip" policy can cover an unlimited number of trips of limited duration within a year.

The 10 Best Travel Insurance Companies of 2022

However, we are going to list and explain the best and most reliable travel insurance companies in the world for you. Hereby, here is the list of the best 10 companies you should know about.

1. World Nomads

The very popular world-traveler insurance company ( World Nomads) has some great extras that make it ideal for both seasoned and newbie travelers. The coverage is excellent, although limited to regions where you'll most likely be traveling. They also have a range of travel health, rental, and luggage cover add-ons. An easy way to budget for your trip when planning, since adding travel expenses means less backpacking money left over!

World Nomads is one of my favorite travel insurance companies. They've got great coverage at an affordable price with all kinds of perks including flight and luggage protection, free cancellation and delay insurance, travel assistance for medical needs, and more.

2. Allianz

Of all travel insurance companies, Allianz scored highest in our survey. Our research showed it to be affordable and comprehensive, with emergency medical coverage provided overseas and a policy that you can buy anytime during your trip. It is so good that we give it our coveted Readers' Choice Award.

If you want a more basic policy, get travel insurance from Appleton Insurance, which provides adequate coverage for a relatively low price. For those who worry about flight cancellations, add-on flight protection is available for a reasonable extra cost. If you’re under 25 years old and traveling abroad alone, Sainsbury’s Bank Young Adult plan offers medical and legal assistance plus personal liability and cancellation coverage at an affordable price.

3. Travelex

Travelex is a leader in travel insurance, offering coverage for almost any situation imaginable. Their policies are easy to understand and their support team is available 24/7. If you find yourself unable to move due to an injury or illness while on vacation, Travelex will help you get your affairs in order so you can go home as soon as possible. The company also offers valuable emergency assistance if you're stranded overseas with no way home.

They provide medical emergency assistance and life coverage when a family member passes away while traveling abroad. Travelex also gives a guaranteed refund on unused trips in certain situations, such as sickness or natural disasters at your destination. You can even extend their coverage for up to two years after your trip ends!

4. Cigna

Cigna is a global health service company. Cigna’s total revenues for 2017 were $22.3 billion, making it one of America’s largest healthcare insurers. The company also offers dental and vision plans through a subsidiary called Careington International as well as Medicare products through its subsidiary called CIGNA HealthCare (USA). On November 27, 2018, Amazon announced that it would be acquiring 70% of Cigna in an all-stock deal worth approximately $67 billion.

The acquisition is subject to regulatory approval. If approved, some analysts predict that Amazon will eventually merge the companies’ operations and slowly introduce changes to improve efficiency for both customers and employees alike in what could mark a significant moment in healthcare history.

5. Aegon

The Aegon Group N.V. is a Dutch-based company and one of Europe’s leading financial services providers. It has more than 22 million customers in over 50 countries worldwide, including more than 8 million customers in its home market. Aegon operates via three core businesses: life insurance and pensions, asset management, retail banking, and specialist financial services.

AEGON has an overall A+ rating from A.M. Best, an independent financial rating agency that analyzes insurance and reinsurance companies in North America and Europe. With a capacity of $132.4 billion, it is also rated as stable by Standard & Poor’s Financial Services LLC, with a B+ long-term rating and a B short-term rating.[26] It is based in The Hague, Netherlands, and has its shares listed on Euronext Amsterdam (code: AEO).

6. Chubb

Chubb provides travel insurance to over 2 million travelers every year. When it comes to protecting your worldly belongings, Chubb is one of the best and easiest options around. Their coverage includes baggage insurance, trip interruption protection, car rental insurance, medical evacuation, and evacuation assistance for medical reasons – all in addition to their you-are-covered policy that covers accidental damage to rental vehicles.

If you need help moving overseas or within a country, they'll cover transportation costs like shipping or airfare as well. The only drawback? Expensive premiums when you're under 35 years old or have an alcohol-related conviction on your record. But if your budget can afford it...

7. AIG Travel Guard

Providing insurance for travelers since 1926, AIG Travel Guard is one of the most popular travel insurance companies. They have a number of specialized packages to suit different travelers, such as a policy for individuals traveling internationally for business or leisure.

It comes with high deductibles and also includes reimbursement coverage if you’re delay due to weather (domestic only). You can purchase their plans up to 30 days before departure.

8. MAPFRE Asistencia

MAPFRE Asistencia has been named a top travel insurance company by world business leaders. The company is a well-known Spanish international insurance provider that specializes in covering all kinds of travel risks. MAPFRE Asistencia’s multi-lingual agents and 24/7 customer service support have gained excellent reviews across all of its services, and customers recommend it for its fast claim processing.

While some users do complain about high premiums, overall, most business travelers find MAPFRE Asistencia an excellent value. Whether you are looking for coverage on a trip to Spain or Costa Rica. You will want to make sure your trip is properly cover by MAPFRE Asistencia.

9. GeoBlue

Some travel insurance companies focus on helping people travel—GeoBlue is one such company. They focus on providing travelers with healthcare coverage. If you’re planning a trip that requires certain vaccinations or other medical care, GeoBlue will be your best bet for reliable and affordable coverage.

This is because they are currently one of only three major insurance companies to have a contract with Medicare Advantage (although more are expected to join in 2022). The extra layer of protection provided by a health plan allows them to offer competitive rates at all age levels. But their coverage may not be as comprehensive if you don’t need medical services.

10. Columbus Direct

Columbus Direct is a travel insurance company based in Ohio. The company offers travelers comprehensive trip insurance, and emergency medical and evacuation services. They are well known for their ability to customize packages according to customers' requirements. And provide them with plans that suit their needs at prices they can afford. Columbus Direct also strives to ensure that its customers' claim experience is as easy as possible.

An expert team of customer service representatives works around the clock to ensure a hassle-free claims process. In addition, they offer competitive prices, efficient and reliable services, superior coverage, and high-quality support systems. All these reasons make Columbus Direct one of America's favorite travel insurance companies of 2022.

In Conclusion

These 10 companies are among those who offer great coverage at rates that won’t break your bank. Choose carefully and enjoy smooth sailing for years to come! However, if there is anything you think we are missing. Don't hesitate to inform us by dropping your advice in the comment section.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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